Full ceramic bridges and crowns

With all-ceramic crowns and bridges, we can deliver dental restorations with high aesthetics (visual acuity) and biocompatibility. The absence of the metal skeleton (as it used to be in the “old” metallopresels) offers excellent aesthetics without the “metal siren” at the limit of the restoration, and excellent biological integration with the dental tissue of the subject. the feeling of a natural tooth)

For their manufacture, a dental laboratory is required by a CAD / CAM machine that works with a computer.After tooth dentition and fingerprint dentistry, the dental technician with the CAD system detects, scans the footprint, and all the details of the trolling done by the dentist are transferred to a computer.

The compartment is designed on the computer and commanded through the CAM system to create it.Practically it means that all work is done through a computer network without touching a human hand.

As a result we have inserts with perfect fit, too much strength and excellent aesthetic image.