Computer Guided Implant Placement

Computer Guided Implant Placement

Initial clinical and radiography examination of the patient. Data analysis with computer

In the first stage of the process, we collect the facts of our case and analyze the existing anatomical conditions. In this, radiographic examination with cone beam tomography technology, with which we see in 3D imaging the patient’s jaw, is very important. At the same time, an initial assessment of our patient’s expectations is made, which at all stages of the process can be involved in the “planning” of the treatment plan.

Digital teeth design for the specific patient

Here is the choice of suitable teeth in shape and size so that the future barrier, and therefore the end result, is ideal for our patient. This stage is very important because it depends on the continuation of the entire treatment.

Implant choise for the supported design teeth

The next step in the procedure is the selection of the appropriate implants for the specific case. The implants are selected so that their final position in the patient’s mouth is just below the teeth that we have previously formed without the slightest deviation.

In addition, the anatomy of the area is taken seriously so that the implants have the ideal distance from adjacent teeth. The software we have, covers a huge variety of implants, from various companies.

Navi Guide 3D printing and implant placement at preconficured positions

Having the final approval from our patient for the entire treatment plan, he follows the practical stage of the procedure by constructing the surgical splint through which the implants will be placed in the selected positions. We recall that all this is done based on the ideal position of the patient’s final teeth. He then follows the clinical stage of the technique, with the patient in the surgery for the placement of the implants.

The placement process has now become fully predictable, fast and painless, without unnecessary incisions and unnecessary swelling for our patient. This may be the biggest advantage of this technique.

Choise of best abutments for the implants and teeth milling for our patient

If we want to go even further with this technique, we can digital design the abutments of the implants, which will emerge in the most ideal way from the gums and will give the perfect aesthetics of the area. At the final stage, our teeth are milled based on the initial stage of the study.

These teeth are ideal in color, shape, size, which greatly delights the patient and makes him happy for his original choice!