Immediate Implant Loading

Immediate loading has the great advantage of being able to place the implant on the same day and place the fixed temporary teeth.

Immediate Implant loading is a specialized technique and we owe it to new, advanced tooth implants, which are tapered and resemble the root of a natural tooth. Also, the thread is completely different than the classic implants and have special vibro-mechanical properties.

Immediate Implant Loading is particularly targeted at people who, due to their professional or social obligations, are not allowed to appear without teeth.
This groundbreaking technique has excellent results, as long as the general health and the conditions of the mouth and jaw are sufficient to allow it. This is why pre-operative control and planning should be preceded so as to make sure that the patient is a good candidate for a tooth implant recovery and immediate loading.

As incredibly as it sounds, with direct loading and tooth implants, we can have a biological mouthpiece in the morning for years back!