Inlays – Onlays

Inlays - Onlays Inlays and onlays are an alternative to treating tooth decay or tooth fracture. They are particularly suitable for relatively large lesions of the chewing surface in posterior teeth (molars and precursors). Inserts and overlays are made from all-ceramic (porcelain) or synthetic resin orally in the dental laboratory and are then welded to the mouth by the dentist. [...]

Ceramic Dental Bridge and Crowns

Full ceramic bridges and crowns With all-ceramic crowns and bridges, we can deliver dental restorations with high aesthetics (visual acuity) and biocompatibility. The absence of the metal skeleton (as it used to be in the "old" metallopresels) offers excellent aesthetics without the "metal siren" at the limit of the restoration, and excellent biological integration with the dental tissue of the [...]


Overdentures Dental implants can now be used to support mobile dentures. Those who wear a mobile denture usually suffer from objective difficulties in chewing and speaking, as well as from pain and suffering due to their loose or poor application. Most patients belonging to this category, and have remained without their own natural teeth for many years have suffered a [...]

Occlusal Problems

Occlusal Problems Simplified occlusal is the way we "close" our teeth when we eat, swallow or just do nothing. The occusal - the contacts of the upper and lower teeth at the various jaw positions - is an integral part of what we call dental stomach. The orthogonal system is anatomically formed by the two joints (right and left) of [...]

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