White Fillings

White Fillings

Aesthetic sealings can be performed in two ways and have the appearance and color of the natural tooth unlike old amalgam (black) and golden seals.

The simplest form of aesthetic occlusion is what patients usually refer to as a “white seal”, and is done by the dentist in a single session. It consists of a composite resin material placed in small cavities and adhered to the tooth by means of special adhesive agents.

The second type of aesthetic obstruction is the ceramic insert (also known as ” porcelain seal ”). Ceramic insert-lining is the ideal solution for restoring moderately damaged back teeth with predictability and high aesthetics. They are made of special ceramic materials. The material we use is the lithium dipyrite, which is the most modern and the most durable. Gums that in the past required denervation and a holster are now restored with porcelain-plated inserts.

We do not remove any healthy dental stuff except the carved and old sealings.

The teeth restored with this technology have a much better aesthetics, they are resistant to intact teeth and have a much longer life span than white fillings. All seals can be made of porcelain, but are especially recommended when the restoration of the tooth is extensive (large and deep seals).